At a Glance

Damo Resources Limited is an international mining and infrastructure group. To deliver greater results, Damo Resources Limited takes a long term and responsible approach to its business, while creating a diversified broad base into related fields and infrastructure, to create short term stability.

Our efforts are concentrated on the development of new sites into large, sustainable and efficient operations, capable of supporting competitive advantage through business cycles. We find our strength in finding, mining and processing the Earth's mineral resources. Our products help fulfill vital consumer needs and improve living standards. We run our operations safely, responsibly and sustainably.

The interests of Damo Resources Limited are diverse both in geography and product. We work in some of the world's most complex terrains and tough climates. Damo operates as a global organization. Our values - accountability, respect, teamwork and integrity - are expressed through our business principles, policies and standards. Our values underpin the way we manage the economic, social and environmental effects of our operations, and how we govern our business.

Wherever we operate, health and safety are our first priorities. All our Group businesses set sustainable development at the heart of their operations, working as closely as possible with host countries and communities, respecting their laws and customs. For Damo it is important to minimize the environmental impacts of its activities and that local communities benefit as much as possible from operations.