First-line investor in strategic projects around the world

The game has changed in 2011 for the mining industry entering a new era. Demand continues to be stoked by strong growth in emerging markets. Supply is increasingly constrained, as development projects become more complex and are typically in more remote, unfamiliar territory. The cost base of the industry has permanently changed as lower grades and shortages of labor take effect.

2011 has seen the rise of the renewed importance of Junior Miners. The industry relies now on the entrepreneurship and risk-taking of this sector to be

able to find the next large development project, as demand continues to outpace supply.

The top 40 mining companies have delivered in excess of USD$ 300 billion in new money for capital programs for this year, with an expected doubling in 2012. Certainly, a good portion of the funds would be to expand existing capital assets, but in large portion to acquire new ones.

Damo Resources Limited is a Junior Miner, however, it is also a diverse company realizing the opportunities in the industry and acknowledging its

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Iron Ore

First-line investor in strategic projects around the world

  • Precious Metals

  • Uranium

  • Exploration

strengths, hence, becoming also a first-line investor in strategic projects around the world as well as holding and divesting of projects that are better suited for other industry participants. This strategy makes Damo Resources Limited a company that can participate in a myriad of fields within the mining industry and related industries establishing a broad-based approach to creating value.

Investment in new supply is increasingly focused on emerging markets, and by new faces, as customers and governments enter the industry with the primary

goal of securing supply. Vertical integration into mining by customers that prioritize certainty of supply over, cost will bring additional supply online from non-Tier one assets. The cost curve has shifted and commodity prices have permanently moved higher. This is where Damo Resources Limited has found its niche. Finding those emerging markets; dealing with the new faces in the industry; positioning to supply an ever increasing demand; facilitate by way of infrastructure building; and, forging relationships with key customers and governments.

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